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Nannycams to evaluate your childcare provider's performance Nannycam
When choosing a care provider references and background checks are beneficial, but they can't guarantee the quality of care your children will receive. Only our nannycams let you evaluate your caregiver's performance and enable you to see how they really care for your children.

Portable Nannycams
and battery powered models

Most economical nannycams with Built-in DVRs for internal video recording

Nanny Cams You Can Hide Yourself

The World's Smallest Mini Cameras with Pinhole Lenses that you can Hide Yourself

PalmVID Pro Series Nannycams - Click a series to view nanny cam models

Wired Series

View on any TV Record on VCR, DVR, or other Video Recorders

Wireless Series
Nanny Cams

No wires to run between the camera and recorder. Record on VCR, DVR, etc.

DVR Series

Built-In DVR Video Recorder No External Recorder Needed

Wi-Fi plus DVR Series
Nanny Cams

View live video on PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone. Record over the Internet and/or to the built-in DVR

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Call today to speak to one of our nanny cam experts.

Discounts Available on Multi-Camera Nanny Cam Systems!

If you need more than one nanny camera for your application, call Toll Free 1-800-618-7491 or email to speak with one of our customer service reps for a complete price quote today.

Nanny Cam Resources
2020 Hidden Camera Debate
Should you videotape your nanny? This article provides great insight on both the morality and legality of installing a nanny cam. Click here to view the article.

Child-care Resources for Parents
International Nanny Association
Since 1986, the INA (a non-profit association) has served as a clearing house for information on the in-home child care industry

Nanny Network
National directory of nanny placement and referral agency resources, find a nanny agency by geography, features reading room and faq

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