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View live security cameras from anywhere on almost any device

What if you could bookmark your cameras and view them whenever you need to from anywhere in the world, just as easily as you are viewing this web page?
Using our systems, you can view your cameras LIVE from any computer over the internet or local network.

View your cameras remotely from anywhere in the world using almost any device.

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DVR and NVR Digital Video Recorders

These models combine a Digital VCR with a Multiplexer and Video Server all in one box! View your cameras live over the web, plus digitally record and playback the video on your TV or security monitor. Just add cameras and go!
DVR's and NVR's are the simplest way to record your cameras and enable remote viewing over the internet.

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Geovision PC DVR Cards Turn a PC into a DVR

GeoVision DVR Cards and Surveillance Software for your PC

These DVR cards are easy to install into your computer. The included surveillance DVR software turns your PC into a sophisticated video security system with remote video capability.

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Complete PC with Geovision PC Based Security DVR

View live video from your PC over telephone lines thru a modem or high-speed internet connection and record digitally.
GeoVision PC DVRs
A brand new Dell Pentium 4 PC with the GeoVision DVR Card and Surveillance Software pre-installed by our technicians. We install and configure the GeoVision DVR Cards and Software so that when you get it all you have to do is connect the cameras and turn it on. No hassle and a brand new Dell PC!
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Live Geovision Demo Multiview
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