GV1120B Geovision Combo DVR Card & Surveillance Software 120/480 FPS
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GV1120B Geovision Combo DVR Card & Surveillance Software 120/480 FPS
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GV1120B Geovision Combo DVR Card & Surveillance Software 120/480 FPS Description
Turn your PC into a Pro-Grade Security DVR with these amazing DVR Cards. Our genuine Geovision cards always Include the latest version of Geovision's software plus FREE Lifetime Software Upgrades.

Featuring 16 audio inputs and a larger video record/display size/resolution of 720 x 480, 720 x 480 De-interlace, and 720 x 240 modes, these combo cards have a full motion 30fps per camera display rate no matter what the capture/record rate.

The major difference between Geovision cards is the number of Frames Per Second they can process and record. These GV-1120A series cards can record a total of 120 FPS (Frames Per Second) and will display at 480 FPS during live viewing. You must divide this number by the number of cameras to get the total FPS for each camera.

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Each series of cards is available with different numbers of video inputs. This will determine how many cameras can be connected/recorded.

Our package pricing is unbeatable!
These prices are for the card and software and do not include the PC or cameras.

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Includes the latest Version of Geovision's Award Winning Surveillance Software. Click on the "Detailed Info" Tab for a list of features.
Record to your PC hard drive(s) with multiple basic or advanced recording modes. Choose either Full Time or Digital Motion Activated Recording setup for 24/7 recording or by any schedule you desire.
View your cameras live on another PC, cell phone, or PDA over the internet. Click here to view a Live Remote Video Demo
This software is easy to use, but it also has many advanced features that you may find valuable and useful for serious surveillance applications.
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