Dell GeoVision PC-DVR System with 16 Camera Inputs
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Dell GeoVision PC-DVR System with 16 Camera Inputs
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Dell GeoVision PC-DVR System with 16 Camera Inputs Description
If you've been looking for the ultimate in digital surveillance at an affordable price, look no further. This system blows away its competition and has many advanced features that are normally only found on systems costing thousands more! Its powerful enough to handle serious surveillance applications and the Windows-based software makes it easy enough for anyone to use. Plus when you purchase your system from us you get FREE Lifetime Toll-Free Technical Support too!

Includes New Dell PC
This system includes a brand new Dell PC (monitor not included/optional) configured with the latest Geovision Surveillance Software and 16 Input DVR Card. We install the hardware and software and configure each PC to your requirements. Just connect your cameras and you're able to view the live feeds, record the video to the hard drive(s), and view the playback on the monitor.

Includes the latest version of Geovision's Surveillance Software!
Version 8 is a major release that substantially increases the performance and adds many features compared to other versions.
If you already own a Geovision card from us you can get information on upgrading your current software by Clicking Here

This system will record video and audio to the PC's hard drive(s) for days, weeks, or even months depending on several factors. The video size, quality, frame rate, and amount of movement all together will determine how much video can be stored on the computer's hard drive. There are also several recording modes. The basic modes let you record all the time (24/7) or on a schedule that you can set up by day or week. The software also has a Digital Motion Activated recording mode that works with any camera. The software "watches" for movement in the video from the camera, and that way it only records motion-based events. This saves recording space and makes playback much easier because you don't waste time reviewing hours of video with "no action". Need to know how long you can record for? Click here to use our Hard Drive Calculator.

The remote viewing software enables you to view your live cameras or playback the recorded video from another computer connected to the internet from anywhere in the world! It's great when traveling or anytime that you need to view your home from work (or your work from home!). Click here to view a Live Remote Video Demo

FPS (Frames Per Second)
Full-motion video (like when watching TV) is 30fps. Traditional security VCR's in time-lapse record modes typically record at speed as slow as 2fps. The standard system card can view and record a total of 30 fps. That means that if you are using 1 camera, then you will record 30 images (frames) per second. If you use all 16 cameras, then you record at 1.87 fps per camera (30 divided by 16). Click Here for FPS (Frames Per Second) Demo

The standard card (GV-600A) can be upgraded to other cards with faster FPS capture/display rates by selecting from the option list above.

Here is a breakdown of the capture rates of the different cards:
GV600A-16: 30fps Total (1.75 per second with 16 cameras) INCLUDED CARD
GV650A-16: 60fps Total (3.25 per second with 16 cameras)
GV800A-16: 120fps Total (7.5 per second with 16 cameras)
GV1120B-16: 120fps Total (7.5 per second with 16 cameras) NEW MODEL!
GV1240B-16: 240fps Total (15 per second with 16 cameras) NEW MODEL!

When configured with any of the new model cards (GV1120B, GV1240B, or GV1480B combo cards) the following features apply:
Built-in TV output for connecting to a regular TV or security monitor in addition to the computer monitor. Combo cards also have more audio inputs than standard cards with 1 audio input per camera, and a larger video record/display size/resolution of 720 x 480, 720 x 480 De-interlace, and 720 x 240 modes. Finally the combo cards have a full motion 30fps per camera display rate no matter what the capture/record rate.

Our package pricing is unbeatable!
This system does not include any cameras.

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Includes the latest Version 8 Surveillance Software. Click on the "Detailed Info" Tab for a list of features.
Record to the PC hard drive(s) with multiple basic or advanced recording modes. Choose either Full Time or Digital Motion Activated Recording setup for 24/7 recording or by any schedule you desire.
View your cameras live on another PC, cell phone, or PDA over the internet. Click here to view a Live Remote Video Demo
This software is easy to use, but it also has many advanced features that you may find valuable and useful for serious surveillance applications.
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