16 Camera System with DVR

16 Camera System with DVR
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16 Camera System with DVR Description

Test drive our DVR Surveillence System for both Home and Business!
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This complete 16 Camera system (MONITOR NOT INCLUDED) with DVR includes everything you need to install and setup a fully-digital surveillance system for your home or business.

This package includes 16 high-resolution, low-light, weatherproof cameras with wall/ceiling mounts.

This amazing DVR recording device is about the size of a standard VCR, but that's where the similarities end. Using this DVR, the video is digitally recorded to an internal hard drive(s) instead of using video tape. This lets you continuously record the video from all 16 cameras for days, weeks, or even longer depending on the size of hard drive that you select. When the hard drive is full, the video files are cleared out so you can keep storing your security camera footage. If you need to save any video, you can easily copy it directly to a compatible USB flash drive.

The live or recorded video can be viewed on any TV or security monitor. If you have an internet connection at the DVR location, then you can also view the video remotely through your browser on your PC through the internet from anywhere in the world!

While viewing the video, you can see all 16 cameras on the screen at the same time, and easily bring any camera to a full screen view, automatically switch through the cameras one at a time, or set the system to display a camera full screen when motion is detected by the built in Digital Video Motion Detection feature.

The Digital Video Motion Detection feature is a major advancement in security recording. The DVR "watches" for movement in the video, and can be set to automatically start recording whenever motion is detected. This feature works with any camera! Using this feature will save you the trouble of having to search through recorded video looking for the action because only motion activated events are recorded. It also saves tons of hard drive space, so you can record for much longer without the older video being recycled.

Each DVR is pre-configured to your requirements. Just install the cameras and connect them to it. Once your cameras are hooked up you are ready to record and view your cameras on any TV or security monitor. Plus when you purchase your system from us you get FREE Lifetime Toll-Free Technical Support too!

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H.264 Video Compression
Built-In Motion Detection on all Cameras
Built-In VGA and BNC Video Output Connector
Easily back up video to USB Flash Drive
Provides High Quality Real-Time Preview, Recording and Playback.
Support Remote View via 3G Mobile Phone.(Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone)
Email Alerts
Playback and Remote View via IE browser
Includes Mouse and Remote Control

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