8 Camera Geovision Surveillance System with New Dell PC DVR

8 Camera Geovision Surveillance System with New Dell PC DVR
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8 Camera Geovision Surveillance System with New Dell PC DVR Description
This system truly does it all, and PalmVID brings it to you at an amazing low price! There are many imitators, but nobody makes a better surveillance software and hardware combination system than GeoVision, and nobody offers better system design, tech support, or lower prices than PalmVID.

Complete 8 Camera Video Surveillance System!
- Brand New Dell PC (monitor not included)
- GeoVision Pro-Grade Surveillance Software (Installed + Configured by our Tecnicians)
- GeoVision PC DVR Hardware (Installed + Configured by our Technicians)
- Your Choice of 8 Cameras
- You can Mix & Match any of the cameras on this page for the system price or choose ANY cameras on our website
- CALL (800)618-7491 for Special System Pricing on all other cameras.

Click here to see standard dome camera that comes with this package
Click here to see standard bullet camera that comes with this package

Our Customers Love Their Dell Geovision Systems!
We have sold thousands of GeoVision systems to our customers. Over 1/2 of these systems have been purchased by regular homeowners, and our commercial customers include major casinos, banks, retail stores, fast food and other restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and almost every type of business worldwide.

We have many satisfied customers that you can speak with before you buy from us. Please call us for referral information. We also have a fully functioning live demo that allows you to test drive the system yourself before you buy!
Click here to view a Live Remote Video Demo

Includes Everything You Need, Plus You Can Also Choose Other Cameras!
This package includes 8 high-resolution, low-light, weatherproof cameras with wall/ceiling mounts. You can order this system with your choice of these four camera models for the same low system price, or call us for special system pricing if you would like to order this system with any other cameras on our site.

PC Based Surveillance System
The heart of the system is a brand new Dell PC that is used to record the video. Our technicians will professionally configure the PC with the latest Geovision Version 8 Surveillance Software and DVR hardware card so that it's ready to use right out of the box.

The PC runs Microsoft Windows for the operating system so you can also use it to run your favorite Windows programs, surf the web, and do anything else a regular PC can do. No standard DVR can do that too!

If you already have a PC, then check out our systems that do not include the PC for even lower system prices. CLICK HERE

No Monthly Fees and No Contracts
You will own the equipment, and there are no extra charges or hidden fees.

Digital Recording of All Cameras
This system will record the video from all of the cameras, no matter what view you have on the screen. This means that during playback you can see the video from all of the cameras at the same time, or zoom in full screen on a single camera.

Longer Recording Times
Typical VCR-based systems are only able to record for a maximum of 10 hours using the longest-recording VHS tapes available, then the tape must be changed or re-wound.

With our digital-recording process you can record for days, weeks, or months at a time. In fact there is almost no limit to how long you can record for. The length of time you can record for will depending on the system settings and hard drive space available. You can use multiple internal and/or external drives to increase storage, and you can even record to other PC drives on your network for extra recording time.

Need to know how long you can record for? Click here to use our Hard Drive Calculator

Motion Activated Recording
This system can be set to record 24/7 if necessary, but most of our customers use the motion-activated recording feature. When enabled the software closely watches the video from the cameras and automatically starts recording whenever motion is detected. This allows you to store much more video because only video with action is recorded, and playback is much easier as a result because you wont have to search through hours of video to find the action.

Multiple Live Viewing Options
The live video can be viewed directly on any computer monitor (not included). It is also possible to display the video directly on regular TVs or security monitors!

You can choose the view you want at any time during live viewing AND during playback. You can easily change from a single camera view to different views that allow you to see all of the cameras at the same time. Best of all, the system will record the video from all of the cameras no matter what view you are watching so that you can see them all during playback.

Remote Viewing and Playback
Connect and view from anywhere over the internet! You can use any Windows laptop or desktop PC or even many popular PDAs and cell phones to view your video any time you want to. This requires an internet connection at the main camera location and at the location that you are viewing from, but there are no other costs to use this feature.

Multiple people can connect to the system at the same time, and each user can be assigned their own password so can only access the cameras and features that they should have access to. MOST OTHER SYSTEMS ONLY ALLOW 1 USER TO CONNECT AT A TIME!

Newest Software Version Release
Now with Geovision Version 8 Surveillance Software!
Version 8 is a major release that substantially increases the performance and adds many features compared to other versions.
If you already own a Geovision card from us you can get information on upgrading your current software by Clicking Here

This powerful software has all the features the pros require, yet it's simple enough for anyone to use.

We install the hardware and software and configure each PC to your requirements. Just install the cameras and connect them to it. Once your cameras are hooked up you are ready to record and view your cameras.

Free Tech Support by Phone and Remote Internet Assistance
Unlike other companies, we offer (toll free) FREE phone support. We also offer FREE Remote Internet Assistance where our technicians can remotely assist with the system setup, help you configure advanced features, or troubleshoot problems over the internet.

Choosing a Hardware Card for Your Application
There are several cards available when purchasing this system. The software that comes with all of the models has the same features. The main difference between the cards is the frame rate at which the video is recorded.

The standard card (GV600B) can be upgraded to other cards with faster fps capture/display rates by selecting from the option list above.

To see what video looks like at different frame rates, Click Here for FPS (Frames Per Second) Demo

Includes the latest Version of Geovision's Award Winning Surveillance Software. Click on the "Detailed Info" Tab for a list of features.
Record to your PC hard drive(s) with multiple basic or advanced recording modes. Choose either Full Time or Digital Motion Activated Recording setup for 24/7 recording or by any schedule you desire.
View your cameras live on another PC, cell phone, or PDA over the internet. Click here to view a Live Remote Video Demo
This software is easy to use, but it also has many advanced features that you may find valuable and useful for serious surveillance applications.
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