Carbon Monoxide Wireless 700ft LOS Hidden Camera
Part #PVCOMOX700

Wireless Covert Hidden Carbon Monoxide Spy Security Camera
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Carbon Monoxide Wireless 700ft LOS Hidden Camera Description


A CO2 detector is now a very common item and that makes it an excellent enclosure for our camera and transmitter. Two models are available with a direct plug in to outlet model or a corded model. The system consists of a non-functioning CO detector with built-in transmitter and camera. Plus it also includes the matching Receiver.

If you choose the direct-plug in model, it will be shooting out the front of the unit, and should be plugged into an outlet at least 3 feet off the ground, or the view will be at ground level. Choose the other style for more flexible mounting options.

Don't be fooled by imitations; since we manufacture all of our hidden cameras ourselves, when you choose a PalmVID hidden camera you always get the best equipment available at the best price.

Our systems use the latest CCD video technology to give you crisp, clear video on any TV or VCR with video inputs. It blends easily into any room, making it extremely difficult for anyone to ever suspect that it really is a camera.

Includes Non Functioning Carbon Monoxide with Built-In Camera, Power Supplies, and Connecting Cables. Model as photographed may vary.

How does this camera work?

How does it work

1/3 CCD imaging device for camcorder quality video
2.4GHz band for improved transmission quality
Extra long transmission range (up to 700 feet LOS)
Omni-directional antenna for improved performance
No moving parts or adjustments for better reliability
User friendly, simply plug in the enclosure
Camcorder-quality crisp, clear FM video
4 channel selectable for multiple wireless cameras
Standard 1 year parts and labor warranty.

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