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Air Cleaner Digital Wireless 1000ft LOS Hidden Camera Nanny Cam Spy Camera
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Air Cleaner Wireless Hidden Camera Description
Wireless hidden camera disguised as a working air cleaner has a hidden video camera plus a wireless 5.8 GHz video transmitter built-in.

This air cleaner is a very versatile model of hidden camera. It will blend into almost any room without drawing attention. An air purifier hidden camera can be moved easily from one room to another.

The air purifier style is one of the best hidden cameras. It is virtually undetectable as a hidden camera because it also works as a real air-purifier. It has a working 2 speed fan and a functional air-filter that will clean the air in the room. The air-cleaner fan can be turned on or off so that if anyone handles it or tries to use it the fan will function normally (making this hidden camera model nearly impossible to detect)..

Setup is easy. There are no wires to run. Simply place the hidden camera in the desired location and plug it in to a wall outlet for power. The built-in camera and wireless video transmitter will then be working all the time and the video signal can be picked up by the video receiver(s).

The standard mini wireless video receiver can be used up to 300 feet away from the camera. It can be connected to other devices for live viewing, recording, or playback. It can be connected to any device that has an analog video input. Normally it is connected to a DVR or VCR or a different type of video recorder (and/or a TV).

An optional/upgrade all-in-one wireless video receiver with 5" color LCD monitor and built-in DVR video recorder is also available. It can be used up to 300 feet away to view live video on the built-in 5" LCD Monitor (or external TV) and/or to record video to the built-in DVR. The recorded video files can be played-back later using the built-in monitor, or it can be connected to a larger TV, or the video files can be viewed on a computer or other device.

The maximum range for the wireless signal listed is line of sight (with no obstructions between the camera/transmitter and the receiver). When used indoors the wireless signal will generally work through a few interior walls/ceilings/floors made from wood and drywall. The range will be reduced significantly and may not transmit at all through dense materials such as brick, concrete, and especially metal.

Includes working air cleaner with built-in hidden camera, built-in wireless 5.8 GHz video transmitter, mini 16 channel 5.8 GHz video receiver, power supplies, and receiver connecting cables.

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Hidden Camera Enclosure Information
Item functionality
Working Air Cleaner with 2 Speed Fan and Air Filter
Dimensions9" x 8" x 4"

Built-in Video Camera Information
Sample VideoView Sample Video
Camera TypeColor CMOS
Camera Resolution480 TV Lines
Camera Low Light.08 Lux

Built-in Video Transmitter Information
Wireless Video Rangeup to 300 Feet
Wireless Channels Available16 Channels
Wireless Frequency5.8 GHz

Included Wireless Receiver Information
- Standard Mini Wireless Video Receiver

- Each wireless hidden camera includes one matching mini 5.8GHz video receiver

- Multiple pairs of cameras and receivers can be used on 16 different channels

Wireless Video Rangeup to 300 Feet
Wireless Channels Available16 Channels
Wireless Frequency5.8 GHz
FPS Frames Per Second30
DC Power Requirement5VDC
Wall Outlet Power SupplyIncluded
Receiver Analog Video OutYes
Receiver Dimensions2.75" x 2.75" x .65"

Optional All-In-One Wireless Receiver + Monitor + DVR Video Recorder - Click Here to View
- Upgrade to the all-in-one Receiver, Monitor, DVR

- Record, Live View, and Playback on one compact device

- Motion Activated Recording or Continuous Recording Modes

- Battery and Wall Power Included

Video Screen Size5" LCD
Screen Display Resolution800x480 Pixels
Built-in DVR Video RecorderYes
Recording Storage CapacityUp to 32 GB Micro SD Card
Loop-Recycle oldest video when memory fullYes
Continuous Recording ModeYes
Motion Detection Recording ModeYes
Wireless Frequency5.8 GHz
Wireless Channels Available8 Channels
Wireless Video Rangeup to 300 Feet
DC Power Requirement5VDC
Wall Outlet Power SupplyIncluded
Battery PowerIncluded
Analog Video InYes
Analog Video OutYes
Receiver Monitor Dimensions5" x 3.5" x .75"

Wireless Series Sample Video

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