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Security VCRs FAQ

What is the difference between a normal VCR and a security VCR?
Security VCRs work very much like normal VCRs. They use the same tapes, hook up the same way, and have all of the standard features of today's consumer VCRs. Most importantly, they are just as easy to use.

Normal VCRs can record for up to 8 hours on a T160 VHS tape in EP record mode. But security VCRs record video and audio for 40 hours on a T160 VHS tape. Some security VCRs can record without audio for longer lengths of time up to 960 hours on a single tape, but the quality isn't as good in record modes over 40 hours.

Security VCRs are built with commercial use in mind, with better parts and high-precision mechanisms to ensure their performance under daily use conditions.

Security VCRs have additional connections for different types of alarms that can tell the VCR to start recording when activated. You can also connect them to motion sensors, heat sensors and complete alarm systems.

Security VCRs do not have wireless remote controls to prevent unauthorized use by universal remotes. You can also lock their controls up to prevent tampering by unauthorized users.

Security VCRs do not have TV tuners built-in and are not able to record TV programs by themselves.

When should you consider using a security VCR?
When you need to record more than 8 hours of video on a tape.

If you record more than 40 hours of video during a month.

For recording in extreme heat or cold, dusty or otherwise harsh recording conditions.

In environments where unauthorized users may be able to access the recording equipment.

If you do not find your answer here, you may also ask your questions directly by Email.
Our customers enjoy Free Lifetime Technical Support through our Toll Free Number on any system purchased from us. If you have a different question, or need assistance, Call us at (800) 618-7491.

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