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Here are some of the customer testimonials we have received:

We are a BBB A+ Rated video security camera company in business since 1999.
We specialize in video security cameras and security camera systems for home and business uses.

Over 50,000 customers choose us for their video security needs.
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Just felt compelled to drop you a line and let you know that I received my order this date (2 days after order). Everything in order and system has more than exceeded our expectations on design, quality, etc. You are now our only video system source.
Larry D.

I just wanted to write to tell you how much we love our smallest security camera!  Nobody even notices it. I am trying to talk my employer into getting one of these. The quality of this camera is the best that anybody's money can buy.
We have been having problems with the neighbor teenagers. They steal and vandalize. Their parents never believe us. Well, now we have proof and we can show this to the police too.
I am also having fun with this camera. We had some friends over and they didn't know they were being filmed. My husband and I told them towards the end of the visit. We all got such a laugh as we viewed the tape.

This tiny security camera has quality, and the picture is clear and the images are detailed. Amazing! We love it. Just having it there gives me security. Your products are incredible.

Catherine R.

When we hired our nanny, we did the regular background checks (no problems), met with her previous employer of 2 years (who gave her an excellent recommendation) and even paid a private eye to completely check out her history (no problems). We purchased your camera and set it up as a final check, just to make sure.
While we never saw her hurt our children, we saw that she was a terrible nanny! She talked on the phone for hours at a time, didn't feed the kids or pay much attention to them, and would have her friends over to party!
Our next nanny passed all of the tests, and the camera confirmed that this time, we chose the right nanny. She's great!
Thanks PalmVID,
Cheryl B.

My property had experienced vandalism damage.. My first purchase of a security camera was from another vendor. They sold me a stock product that was inadequate in identifying the vandals.
When I contacted Vic, at PalmVid and explained the lighting and distances involved, he recommend a certain camera with a much stronger lens than the one I originally purchased. Several weeks later, the vandals struck again but were immediately identified, prosecuted and convicted of their crime. PalmVid took the time to listen and sold me the right product for the job!

Luke H.

I wanted to send a "thank you" to PalmVID. I had to write and say that the camera is INCREDIBLE!! I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. It was "plug and play" just like the website says. The camera, by being so small, can be concealed virtually anywhere. The clarity of the picture can't be beat. I couldn't believe how clear and sharp the picture was. Most amazing of all is the distance that the camera can see. Words don't do justice to the quality of this device. Thank you again.
Richard P.

I am very thankful that I was able to purchase a nannycam from you. We taped our nanny the next day and found many issues with her care giving. She's now gone and our daughter is in day-care showing much more developmental progress and acting much happier.
Tony G.

You helped me purchase a PVPON video camera server for a daycare center back in November. We wired the center up with 6 cameras, one of 'em outdoors, as well as microphone and videotape solutions.
We recently completed the project and went live. The local newspaper, Roanoke Times, came out and did a story. It wound up as the lead front-page story on Tuesday the 9th of January. The AP then picked up the story and among other places, we saw it briefly mentioned in USA Today's Wednesday edition. We've also had this setup featured on three TV News broadcasts, in one case, it was their lead story.

Henry M. Bass
Automation Creations, Inc.
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