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Mini Preamp RCA Microphone

  • Accessories Audio Accessories PVMIC  -  KPA-1

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Product Description

  • High quality in-line mini pre-amplified (powered) microphone for security cameras
  • This tiny microphone can be added as a built-in (or external) microphone to almost any security camera or security camera system
  • 12 volt power pass-through - 1 power input and 1 power output jack so you can use a single power cord to power the microphone and pass-through the power to the camera
  • Pre-amp audio signal - This microphone boosts the audio signal so you can connect it to any audio recorder with a low-level input. This is the most common type of audio input on security DVR's and other video recorders designed to for video security recording. These normally use RCA-style inputs and that is the connector that is built-in to this cable. Adapters are available to convert the connection to other styles.