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Wired Camera Instructions

How to Setup A Wired Camera

Step 1 - Preparing the Camera

  • If needed connect the Camera Cable to the Camera.
  • Connect the Power Cable to the Power (Black) Connector on the camera.
  • Connect the Video Cable to the Yellow Cable on the Camera. Some Cameras may need a BNC to RCA adapter.
  • Connect the Video Cable to the DVR or Monitor. If connecting to the DVR using an RCA Cable, a male BNC to female RCA is needed. If connecting to a Monitor using a BNC cable, a female BNC to male RCA is needed.

Step 2 - Connecting the Camera to a Monitor

  • Monitor - Connect the Video Cable to the Monitor using the Video Input or Yellow Connection on the Monitor.
  • The Monitor may need to be changed to the proper Input, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to select the right Input.

Step 3 - Connecting the Camera to a Video Recording System.

  • Connect the Video Cable coming from the Camera to one of the Camera Inputs on the back of the Video Recording Device.
  • Check the Camera View on the Video Recording Device's Monitor to make sure it is receiving a Video Signal.

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