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Security DVR's

What is a DVR?

A digital video recorder (DVR) sometimes referred to as personal video recorder (PVR) is a device that records a video signal into a digital format onto a hard disk. 

What types of DVR's are available?

We offer PC based DVR's which converts a computer into a recording device by adding a video capture card. This option allows for many advanced features such as point of sale overlay, face counting, missing object detection and many other video analytics. PC Based recorders are more advanced systems and thus require a lot more initial setup. If you are installing a video capture card into your own computer tower there are many Windows configurations that will need to be made to have it function properly. If you purchase the computer and capture card from us we will do all those configurations for you.
We also offer stand alone DVR's which have basic recording/playback abilities as well as remote viewing ability. These are a great low maintenance option easy to setup and install, very little configuration is needed to get started with these.

Can a DVR system run on battery power?

PC Based recorders will draw more energy so running off a battery is not recommended. Standalone DVR's however are 12v systems and can be ran off vehicle battery power

What other equipment do I need?

The DVR is just the recording device you will also need cameras, cabling, and a power source for the cameras.

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