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Hidden Cameras & Spy Cameras with over 100 unique camera models. Hidden cameras contains both pre-hidden cameras in everyday objects as well as DIY hideable cameras that you can place anywhere.

Spy cameras and hidden cameras you can hide yourself Hide-It-Yourself Hidden Cameras
Hide-It-Yourself Hidden Cameras are incredibly small video security cameras that you can hide anywhere.
Wearable body worn spy camera hidden cameras Body-Worn Hidden Spy Cameras
Body Worn Hidden Cameras provide covert surveillance with a camera hidden inside an everyday wearable object like a hat or tie or glasses.

Mini DVR Series Hidden Cameras

Portable all-in-one hidden spy cameras with built-in DVR Portable Hidden Spy Cameras with
Micro SD Card DVR video recorders built-in

Self-recording hidden cameras with built-in Micro SD DVR video recorders. Battery and/or AC Powered. Plug and play easy operation.

Portable hidden cameras and battery powered hidden cameras and spy cameras plus nannycams

PalmVID Custom Series Hidden Cameras
4 Different Series
to Choose From
Built-in DVR Hidden Spy Cameras and complete systems DVR Hidden Cameras
WiFi Hidden Spy Cameras and complete systems WiFi DVR Hidden Cameras
Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras and complete systems Wireless Hidden Cameras
Wired Hidden Spy Cameras and complete systems Wired Hidden Cameras

custom hidden cameras nannycams and spy cameras from PalmVID

Hidden Cameras with DVRs built in
DVR Series
Hidden Cameras

  • No Wires to Run
  • Built-In Video Recorder
  • Motion Activated
  • Easiest to Use

WiFi Hidden Cameras plus built-in DVR
Wi-Fi plus DVR Series
Hidden Cameras

  • No Wires to Run
  • Built-In Video Recorder
  • Motion Activated
  • View Online from Anywhere

Wireless Hidden Cameras and Spy Cameras
Wireless Series
Hidden Cameras

  • No Wires to Run
  • External Recorder Required

Wired Hidden Cameras and Spy Cameras
Wired Series
Hidden Cameras

  • Wired Video
  • External Recorder Required

Custom Series Hidden Cameras by PalmVID - Click any series to view models

DVR Hidden Spy Cameras
Hidden cameras with built in DVR for Digital Video Recording. With these hidden spy cameras you do not need a separate video recorder because these models have a DVR built-in!
WiFi Hidden Spy Cameras with DVRs
View LIVE and PLAYBACK plus RECORD remotely from virtually anywhere!
Hidden cameras that allows for viewing live over the internet using PC's Mac's or laptops plus iphone ipad or android smartphones and tablets. These models are also IP network cameras that can connect to a router using wireless Wi-Fi and/or wired Cat-5 connections.
Now with built-in Micro SD DVR video recorder.
Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras
Wireless Pre-Hidden Cameras include everyday items like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, etc. that have tiny wireless hidden spy cameras embedded. We guarantee high quality wireless images from these hidden spy cameras. If you need covert surveillance, these wireless pre-hidden cameras are perfect for any situation.
Wired Hidden Spy Cameras
Wired Pre-Hidden Cameras are a great way to monitor an area covertly. Surveillance operates from a tiny camera inside everyday objects like smoke detectors, alarm clocks, and many others. All of our wired, pre-hidden spy cameras are easy to set up and use and offer high-quality resolutions so you can clearly see the pictures from your camera.

hidden spy camera sample videos and demo videos Compare and Review All Hidden Spy Cameras
  • View all hidden spy cameras
  • Feature comparison chart
  • Compare hidden spy camera sample videos
  • See video quality and viewing angles
Compare and review hidden cameras spy cameras
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