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Hide-It-Yourself Square Pinhole Lens DVR Nanny Camera

  • DIY Black Box Hidden Camera with built-in DVR

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Ends Wednesday July 31st


Product Description

Hide it Yourself Black Box Built-In DVR Series Nanny Cam

High Quality Video Cameras
1.3 MegaPixel CMOS Cameras with 1280x720 Video Resolution and built-in DVR that features H.264 video encoding for the best video quality possible.

Hide it yourself
These black box cameras can be used as a normal video camera or security camera. It has a pinhole lens with a wide field of view. Only the pinhole lens needs to be exposed. The camera could be further concealed by placing it behind other items with a just a small hole for the lens to see through.

Built-in DVR Video Recorder
The video is recorded internally to a removable Micro SD memory card (sold separately). Works with up to 128GB Micro SD cards. Video storage is approximately 2.5GB per hour of video recorded.

Never run out of recording space
When full this model can overwrite or "re-cycle". In this mode when the SD card is full the oldest video is deleted to make room for the newest recordings so you will always have the latest video available for review.

Includes a 5 VDC Wall Power cord that can provide full-time power and/or charge the battery. The built-in battery can be used to power the camera or as a backup battery. When the power cord is used for main camera power the battery will recharge until full and it will function as a backup battery if the main power goes out.

Both the Lite and Pro Series have video-based motion-activated recording mode. This type of motion detection saves some battery life when it isn't actively recording, but the battery still drains fairly quickly because the camera is always on. The camera needs to stay on to detect motion by "watching" to see if anything is moving in the video. The video recording is triggered instantly when any motion is detected in the video.

Wireless Remote Control Included
Control recording modes, start/stop recording manually, plus access on-screen menus and other functions

Digital Video Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like Windows Media Player or Kmplayer and they can be easily edited by most video editors. Simply remove the Micro SD Card you are using to transfer the files.

DVR Hidden Spy Camera Series Review Feature Highlights
Complete hidden cameras with built-in Micro SD card DVR video recorders
Hidden cameras and spy cameras with extra long life, extended life, extra life, super life, and extreme life
Hidden Camera with built-in DVRs and motion detection motion activted motion detection recording modes
Multiple playback methods for hidden cameras spy cameras and nanny cams with built-in DVRs
Get a free mini remote control with these hidden camera spy camera and nannycam models
Review and compare DVR Lite or DVR Pro Series Hidden Cameras Spy Cameras and Nanny Cams 

Both series are very capable of full time typical surveillance and nanny cam type applications.
Both series have the following features:
- HDTV 720p High Resolution Video Cameras
- Micro SD card DVR video recorder built-in
- Motion detection recording or continuous recording

The main advantages of the Pro Series are:
- Advanced CMOS camera image sensor and Advanced DVR
- Better image color and clarity
- Better low light performance
- Advanced motion recording modes
- Smaller video file sizes for more recording time
- Auto-recycle mode can record over oldest video when memory is full
- Video playback and on-screen menus when connected to a TV
- Easier to playback and easier to search recorded video

SeriesDVR Lite ModelDVR Pro Model

Camera Information
Camera TypeCMOS Image SensorAdvanced CMOS Image Sensor
Camera ResolutionHDTV 720p 1.3 MegapixelHDTV 720p 1.3 Megapixel
Camera Low LightGoodVery Good

DVR Information
Recording Resolution1280x7201280x720
Remote ControlYesYes - Advanced
Time and Date StampYesYes
Motion Activated RecordingYes - BasicYes - Advanced
Recording LocationMicro SD CardMicro SD Card
Memory Card Sizeup to 128 GBup to 128 GB
HDTV Recording Rate~ 3 GB per Hour~ 2 GB per Hour
Standard Resolution Recording RateN/A~ 0.75 GB per Hour
Photo Snapshot ModeYesYes
Live Video TV OutputYesYes
Playback on TV with Video OutNoYes
On Screen MenusNoYes
Configurable Video Quality SettingsNoYes
Format SD Card with DeviceNoYes
Configurable Recording File LengthNoYes
Auto Recycle Storage OverwriteNoYes
Firmware UpgradableNoYes

Power Information
DC Power Requirement5VDC5VDC
AC/DC Wall Power SupplyYes (included)Yes (included)

Battery Information
Battery Life Using Motion Activated Recording Modes
Standard Battery (included)2-4 hours2-4 hours
Extra-Life Battery (optional)12-16 hours12-16 hours
Super-Life Battery (optional)24-32 hours24-32 hours

DVR Lite Series Sample Video

DVR Pro Series Sample Video

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