Square Style Mini Security Camera with Pinhole Lens

KPC-S400P3 Indoor Square Style Security Camera with Pinhole Lens
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Square Style Mini Security Camera with Pinhole Lens Description
You'll be amazed by the picture quality of this easy-to-use tiny wired 1-inch square pinhole lens camera!

This camera features a simple wired video connection that allows you to easily connect a video cable into any video recorder that has BNC or RCA video inputs for a direct video recording capability. Solid and reliable, these little cameras are real work-horses.

How does this camera work?

How does it work

Don't be fooled by imitations. This pinhole lens camera uses a genuine SONY CCD image sensor so it is capable of producing a high quality image.

You will not believe the picture this easy to use tiny camera produces and it works great in low-light too. You will get a great picture even in very low lighting; down to .01 lux.

The pinhole-lens makes it easy to conceal virtually anywhere, and only needs a 1/16" hole for viewing. They work great for regular security cameras too, easily mounted in plain sight with the included mounting hardware. You have your choice of a black and white or a color camera, either way you will always get a crisp, clear picture.

This camera features a heavy-duty all-metal case and it also includes a mini wall mount. Optional re-chargeable batteries and wireless transmitters/receivers available also. 1 year parts and labor warranty included.

Lux rating of .01, so you will get a quality image in very low light
The pinhole lens needs only a 1/16' hole to produce a wide 90 degree field of view. That's the size of the hole at the tip of a ball-point pen!
CCD chip technology to produce an amazing 420 lines (B/W) of resolution (380 lines Color) for crystal clear images
Easily plugs and records easily to any video recorder with analog RCA or BNC inputs

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