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Slimline Power Bank Hidden Camera with DVR and Night Vision 1920x1080

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Ends Friday May 31st


Product Description

New Slimline Design available in 5 Colors!

Hidden spy camera disguised as a working mini Slim-Design Power Bank that contains a built-in hidden camera and built-in DVR Micro SD card video recorder! New higher capacity battery and up to 1920x1080 High-Definition 1080p HDTV Video Resolution!

This power bank is fully functional! In addition to the hidden camera functions it also works as an external power pack that can be used to power or charge any device that is normally charged or powered by a USB connection. That means it can be used it to power or recharge your cell phone, tablet, e-cig, and other similar devices too.

Night Vision
Built-in IR (Infrared) LED Night Vision lets this model see in complete darkness. The night vision LED emits light that can be seen by the camera but isn't visible to the human eye.

High Quality Video
5.0 MegaPixel CMOS Camera
1920x1080 @ 20FPS

Use it anywhere
This hidden camera is one of the most flexible of them all. Better than a normal "black box" hidden camera, the mini power pack is a device that would normally be used to charge or give extra power for cell phones or other USB-charged electronic items when wall power isn't available. This is such a common item that it wouldn't look out of place in any situation. It can hidden in plain sight on a desk, shelf, counter, table, window, etc.

Hide it yourself
It is also possible to hide this powerpack inside or behind many items. For instance it could fit inside a tissue box, or inside a wicker basket with just a tiny hole or slit for the pinhole lens to see through.

Built-in DVR Video Recorder
The video is recorded internally to a removable Micro SD memory card (sold separately).

Motion Detection Recording
In motion detection mode it will remain in standby until motion is detected, then only trigger the DVR to record when it sees movement in the view. It can also record in continuous mode for full time recording if desired.

Digital Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like Windows Media Player or Kmplayer and they can be easily edited by most video editors. Connects with a USB cable to transfer the files.

Extended Battery Recording Time
The high capacity built-in rechargeable battery can power this camera for up to 8 hours of continuous recording. When motion activated recording mode is selected the battery will last longer (depending on the amount of motion in the view).

Full Time Power
This device can be plugged-in to any powered USB port or USB wall charger for full-time power. This connection will power the device and charge the battery at the same time.

Sample Video

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Simple to Set Up and Use
Night Vision Infrared LED
PC and Mac Compatible
5.0 MegaPixel CMOS Camera
Video Resolution 1920x1080
Video Format AVI (H.264)
FPS 20fps
View Angle 90 degrees
Low Light Illumination 1 LUX
Data Transfer Interface USB 1.1 or 2.0
Memory Micro SD Card Max Size 256GB
Memory Consumption 9GB/hour
Continuous Recording Time up to 8 Hours (Approximate)
Motion Activated Recording Time up to 48 Hours (Approximate)
Playback Software Windows Media Player or Kmplayer
Charging time 4-6 hours