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WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Nanny Camera with (IR) Night Vision

  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision - SIDE VIEW
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision - STRAIGHT DOWN
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision
  • WiFi Series PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with (IR) Night Vision - Back

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Product Description

Smoke Detector WiFi Wireless Nanny Cam (Nanny Cam) with (IR) Infrared Night Vison and  Live Viewing and Recording on iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones/Tablets, and Computers

NEW! WiFi Smoke Detector Model

NEW WiFi-PIR model
with up to 100 DAYS of Battery Standby Time!

PalmVID brand high-quality nanny cams that resemblenormal smoke detectors. Smoke detectors style nanny cams work well in almost any situation because it is normal to find them in every type of room. Smoke detector hidden nanny cams also allow for the camera to be mounted in a higher location which can provide an excellent overview of the whole room.

  • View LIVE, PLAYBACK, or RECORD with iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktop PCs
  • Record internally to the built-in DVR (with up to 512GB memory optional)
  • Built-in HDTV video camera
  • Built-in DVR digital video recorder
  • Built-in WiFi transmitter for internet connectivity
WiFi DVR Hidden Nanny Cam Series Feature HighlightsLive Demo-Try It Now!
  Internet Remote Live View and Record and Playback Live Viewing Recording and Playback on Multiple Devices Desktop PCs Laptops and Tablets Android iPhone iPad iPod See these cameras from anywhere on almost any device!
Automatic Motion Detection Recording When motion is detected in the video these devices can Start recording to the cameras Micro SD card
Record multiple ways with these WiFi DVR Nanny Cams
Virtually Unlimited Recording Time The bigger the memory card, the more video can be stored for review.
Method A: Internal DVR Digital Video Recorder This is the easiest recording method.
Method B: Record What You See Not only can you watch these cameras live on your smart phone, you can also press Record and save that video directly to your phone. You can even record


  • View Live Video, Record, and Playback using iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, Windows PC's and Laptops
  • 1280x720 High Resolution Video Cameras
  • IR Night vision allows you to see 20 feet in complete darkness
  • Micro SD card DVR video recorder built-in up to 512GB
  • Motion detection recording
  • Whenever This model detects motion it can send an alert to the smartphone/tablet app. Simply clicking on the alert notification will bring up the live video and/or allow the recorded video to be played-back from anywhere (over the  internet).

    The main advantage of the WiFi-PIR Model is:
  • MUCH longer battery operating time. The WiFi-PIR series is designed  specifically to run on battery power for the longest possible time. It operates  in an ultra-low power standby mode until "body heat" motion is detected. When using this PIR mode it can operate in standby for over 100 DAYS on a single charge!

Camera Information
Camera Resolution HDTV 720p
1.3 Megapixel
Camera Low LightGood
(IR) Night Vision Yes (up to 20 feet in total darkness)

Built-in DVR Video Recorder Information

Built-in DVR Video Recorder Information
Recording Resolution 1280x720
Frames Per Second 20 FPS
Time and Date Stamp Yes
Motion Activated Recording Yes: Advanced + PIR Mode
Recording Locations Internal: Memory Card

External: Phone, Tablet
Memory Size (Capacity) Up to 512 GB (optional)
Memory Card Speed Class 10 or Higher
User-Accessible Memory Card Yes
HDTV Recording Rate ~ 1 GB per Hour
Configurable Video Quality Settings Yes: Advanced
Configurable Recording File Length Yes
Auto Recycle Recording Storage Overwrite Yes

Live Remote Viewing, Recording, and Playback Methods
iPhone, iPad,
Android Phone, Tablet
Advanced App
Windows PC, Laptop Yes (With Emulator)
Mac PC, Laptop Yes (With Emulator)
Video Playback Computer,
Mobile App

Power Information
Battery Info Included rechargeable battery with up to 100 Days total motion-activated standby time in PIR mode

Free Lifetime Technical Support Included Get Fast and Free Tech Support Directly from Our In-House Staff If you even need help our Technicians will provide you with the support you need Have a technical question before you buy? Call (800) 947-7328
Free 18 Month Warranty Included The DVR Lite and DVR Pro series include a Free 18 month warranty for parts and labor. We will guarantee this item to be free of defects and we will cover the cost of parts and labor to repair any defects during the warranty